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A crotchless thong is daring and elegant at the same time. In the appropriate situation and on a special occasion, it will put you in the limelight. We will show you the advantages of this special underwear and introduce you to our open micro-G-strings. Choose a model that suits you and surprise your partner or acquire a unique gift for that special someone.

How to confidently wear a crotchless thong

There are many and different occasions to wear a crotchless thong. Many couples have a fulfilling relationship but still want to spice things up occasionally. With new lingerie, you can bring passion back into your relationship. crotchless panties may be daring, but they show your partner your self-confidence and how much you trust him.

By the way, our models are suitable for all women. We offer all crotchless thongs in sizes XXS to XL. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they can also be easily concealed under jeans, panties, or a skirt.

A gift for your significant other

It shouldn't always take a special occasion to give your partner a gift. Present her with a bouquet of flowers and a small but high-quality gift box. You can pick a gift box with every pair of our open briefs.

You will find exquisite underwear in numerous outstanding designs with us. Besides the crotchless mini-G-strings, you also will discover closed G-strings. We present these variations in many colours and with detailed adornments and jewellery.

Of course, the special open thongs are ideally suited to celebrate special occasions. They are a thoughtful and intimate gift to your beloved. Surprise her on her birthday or present her with the gift on your anniversary or wedding day. The occasions are numerous, and we guarantee you, she will be pleased with your special erotic present.

Select a crotchless thong at Lucky Cheeks

In our selection of appealing crotchless thongs, you will discover various models: We offer you different, changing collections so that you will always find the perfect type of underwear. A common feature of all strings is the high-quality material that feels particularly nice on your body. Once you have chosen the right size, they fit perfectly and are still flexible thanks to the spandex content.

Overview of the properties:

  • Material example: 62 % polyamide, 23 % polyester, 15 % elastane - the composition of our thongs is similar and may vary in the proportions.
  • Design and special features: Fine embroidery, lovely details and ornaments
  • Care recommendation: hand wash

Many models show playful ornaments in pink to black and are held by ribbons in different colours. The patterns decorate the small triangle above the breech. Patterns can be found on the upper part of the thong and on the front above the opening. A small highlight of some models are bows at the front left and right.

Would you like a less playful but more elegant crotchless thong completely in black?

Then we recommend our models in just one colour. The ribbons, embroidery and bows are made of fine fabrics. Above the opening and on the back of the thongs there are fine embroideries and ornaments, for example flowers and other floral elements or geometric shapes.

The open mini briefs are often made with transparent fabrics, for example in the form of a seductive honeycomb net – let yourself be inspired by our ever-new ideas for crotchless models.

We create many designs in different colour combinations from which you can choose according to your taste. They each consist of two to three colours that characterize the individual models in terms of ribbons and patterns. The details show, among other things, large wavy elements and, on the other hand, tiny fabric grids above the opening. At the back, the crotchless thong is held by ribbons or rings and caresses your buttocks.

Example colours of our crotchless thongs:

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Black

How to maintain the quality of the crotchless thongs

The delicate thongs made of tulle or lace must be cleaned carefully. Handwashing is the best way to do this. Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. After cleaning, rinse them well and let them dry. If machine washing is unavoidable, use a washing net for the thongs. Clean them with mild detergent on the gentle cycle.

Choose one or more thong models from our range. With just one click, you can decide whether you want them delivered in a folding box or in a gift box. We will send you the precious crotchless thongs and all other variants or sexy masks to your home within Germany in two to three working days.