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They consist of two triangles: one in the front and a smaller one in the back. Two thin strips of fabric skim across the hips to connect these small triangles, while another strip of fabric passes between the legs to divide the bottom provocatively into two halves. With our minimalist G-string, you can beautifully outline your two Lucky Cheeks. Take a look at the G-strings in our online shop and you will soon know what we mean.

A tight dress or figure-hugging trousers are the perfect way to play up feminine curves.
However, nothing detracts from an elegant silhouette more than visible underwear lines.
Fortunately, this problem can be easily avoided.
 Wearing a thong can help you maintain clean lines underneath your clothes. In particular, the thin cords of our minimalist G-strings are perfect for helping you achieve the flawless appearance you desire.

Sexy G-Strings for seductive moments

Our ladies' sexy thong reveals its full effect in those intimate hours of the evening, after the elegant cocktail dress or figure-skimming pants are shed. Lucky Cheeks' seductive lingerie draws the gaze to your bottom, while artfully concealing your most intimate parts. With an elegant G-string from our exclusive collection, you can captivate your partner's attention with the beauty of your curves.

Sexy G-Strings from Lucky Cheeks

In our Lucky Cheeks online shop, you will find a wide selection of great thong styles in a variety of colours. These include, but are not limited to:
In addition to offering you a variety of rich colours, we offer a variety of styles and fabrics, including our transparent thongs and open G strings. Especially popular are our playful G-strings, which, like all our seductive lingerie, are characterised by fine fabrics and impeccable detailing.

What is the difference between G-strings and conventional strings?

G-strings seduce with their minimalistic design and are available at Lucky Cheeks in both mini thong and micro thong styles. G-strings, like most thongs, conceal your most intimate parts with a small triangle, which can be embellished with attractive eye-catchers such as embroidery. G-strings differ from other thongs, in that they also have a tiny fabric triangle on the back. A T-string, for example, does not have this small triangle. Instead it consists merely of thin ribbons on the back.

A G-string for women from Lucky Cheeks - equally appreciated by our men

An exclusive G-string from the Lucky Cheeks collection is not only enjoyed by the lady who wears it. Gentlemen are delighted at the chance to admire their partner in a sexy micro thong or mini thong. At Lucky Cheeks we make every effort to provide a unique experience for both the wearer of our lingerie and her audience. That is why we put the utmost care and attention into all of our panties. In this way, we ensure:
  • attractive designs,
  • high-quality materials and
  • perfect craftsmanship in Germany.
See for yourself and treat yourself to this pleasure! As the wearer, you will be delighted by the fit and overall wearability of our lingerie. As the viewer, you will not soon forget the breath-taking sight of your wife in our stunning thongs: a good reason to surprise your partner with an extraordinary gift from the Lucky Cheeks collection. Might we recommend one of our elaborately crafted jewellery thongs?

What do men like about G-strings on women?

A G-string is much more than just a particularly small style of underwear. A G-string is well known as a provocative undergarment that highlights the most intimate zones of the female body. Seeing your partner adorned in an artistically embroidered triangle, constructed from the finest materials, is a treat for any man. Not to mention the sensual contours of the bottom, as they are outlined by our Lucky Cheeks G-strings.