About us

In 2013, Muriel Klink founded Lucky Cheeks, a lingerie label specialized in luxurious mini-strings.
After many years of experience in the lingerie sector, the industrial engineer and self-made designer has found her passion.
The small team around Muriel Klink loves the lovingly handcrafted products of her label; Lucky Cheeks stands for top quality.

In 2015, the global market was opened up by the successful Kickstarter campaign for the extravagant luxury strings.
Since then, string lovers in many countries enjoy our erotic G-strings.


Our company philosophy - materials from Europe and fair production conditions

In accordance with our own standards, we attach great importance to ensuring that all materials processed in the strings come from Europe.
Our collection is now being produced in our own studio in Germany.
In order to be able to credibly convey our fun in making irresistible jewelry strings, we have also produced most of the photos and picture galleries on our website ourselves.

Founder and designer - Muriel Klink

Muriel Klink is the creator and mastermind of Lucky Cheeks. Already fascinated by fine embroidery and lingerie at an early age, she began to realize her own designs at an early stage. But only after more than ten years of professional experience in the management sector, the graduate industrial engineer dared the step into self-employment and built in 2007, a successful multi-brand online store for luxury lingerie. She noticed that there was still a lot of need for high quality mini-g-strings. With this realization, the lingerie expert sold her online shop and founded this label, "Lucky Cheeks".