The Lucky Cheeks Story

Behind the Lucky Cheeks brand is the founder, designer and managing director Muriel Klink.


Muriel Klink, entrepreneur by passion

Through her own lingerie line, Lucky Cheeks, Muriel is realizing a life-long goal. Early on she dreamt of running her own small lingerie boutique. Delicate embroidery, high-quality materials and intricate lace from well-known international lingerie labels fascinated the Belgian-born lingerie designer in her youth.

During her school years, Muriel Klink began taking sewing courses and creating her first textile creations. Photography was another passion of the dedicated student. During her studies in industrial engineering, Muriel set up a darkroom in her small apartment and developed unique photographic art. She had no idea that this talent would come in handy later on in her career when she decided to found Lucky Cheeks.

Muriel Klink - founder of Lucky Cheeks



Professional experience and industry knowledge lay the foundation for Lucky Cheeks

Muriel only took the step into self-employment after more than ten years of professional experience as a plant manager and quality manager. In 2007, the industrial engineer set up a successful multi-brand online shop for luxury lingerie. In the following years, she gained valuable experience in this field. Throughout the process, Muriel noticed that there was high demand in the area of high-quality mini thongs.

So, the lingerie expert sold her multi-brand online shop and founded the Lucky Cheeks label at the end of 2013.

Muriel Klink - creating G-string prototypes



2013: Lucky Cheeks Mini Thongs: Fair production, high quality

With her lingerie label Lucky Cheeks, the self-made designer began to specialise in luxury mini thongs. The founder attached great importance to fair production conditions and the use of materials sourced in Europe, ensuring that every Lucky Cheek thong met the highest quality standards.

Muriel Klink - designing G-string embroidery


The first three models were produced at a renowned contract sewing shop near Paris. (Red Flower, Golden Diamond and Ivory Pearl)

Lucky Cheeks - contract sewing shop near Paris

Lucky Cheeks - first Homepage



2014-2015: Lucky Cheeks lingerie conquers Germany and the rest of the world

Beginning with boutiques and online shops in German-speaking countries, Lucky Cheeks' breath-taking collection of thongs began to conquer the lingerie world. In the Aachen city region "AC²" founder's competition, Lucky Cheeks took a well-deserved place among the top 10 competitors.

Muriel Klink - at founder's competition among TOP10


In September 2015, Muriel Klink celebrated her international breakthrough with Lucky Cheeks' extravagant luxury thongs. Customers all over the world began to fall in love with the company's high-quality lingerie. All of this was possible with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign and the launch of the Lucky Cheeks Queen of Love and Silver Moon models.

Lucky Cheeks - first G-string-box




2016: Lucky Cheeks opens its studio doors

To meet the growing demand for custom-made products and extended size categories, Muriel Klink opened her own small studio in Monschau, Germany in 2016. There, the founder began developing and producing further string variants, such as the Lucky Cheeks Micro String.

G-strings from the own small studio.

Cutting the embroidery.
Throughout the year, she also developed her Lucky Cheeks online shop.



2017-2018: Online presence of the Lucky Cheeks brand grows

With the help of social networks, the extraordinary lingerie brand quickly succeeded in winning over a growing circle of Lucky Cheeks fans. The passionate photographer herself executed all of the artful product pictures and vibrant photo stories for the growing assortment of thongs.

Lucky Cheeks G-string photo stories


At, the entrepreneur merged her homepage and the 2018 online shop to create a unified Internet presence for the brand. This laid the foundation for further growth.



2019: Presentation of mini thongs in animated videos

Supplementary product videos at better conveyed the lingerie's high product quality and were received enthusiastically by fans and customers.

Creating a G-string product video

2020: Muriel plans assortment expansion

Lucky Cheeks also has some innovations in store for 2020: The new Lucky Cheeks thong overties are particularly sophisticated. In addition, lingerie designer Muriel Klink is working on a range expansion - to match the thongs.

2021: New studio and team expansion

Lucky Cheeks moves to a larger workshop and expands the team, which now consists of 3 seamstresses and an office worker in addition to Muriel.


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