Why should you buy a thong and who can wear it?

Sensual lingerie is suitable for every woman! In many people's minds, thongs and provocative pantys of a similar make are only for younger women that look like models, but this is neither the reality nor would it be considered the norm. Our thongs stand out in terms of fabrics, embellishments, and workmanship – you make your choice for yourself or your sweetheart and select one of many sophisticated models. In our shop you will not only get a thong in your favourite colour, but with lovely embroidery made in Switzerland and Italy, fabrics from Italy and different jewellery chains from France with sequins or Swarovski crystals. Women of all ages appreciate our thongs and wear them for the most diverse occasions.

    thongs made out of selected materials

Selected materials lead to high quality:

  • elastic, narrow bands of natural rubber for an ideal fit
  • ribbons wrapped and enhanced with stretchy fabric
  • high-quality chains with gemstones (sequins, Swarovski) in rose gold, matt gold, silver
  • noble embroideries and a variety of colours
  • components from Italy, France, and Switzerland, among others

Our sexy and luxury thongs can, but do not have to be worn only on special occasions. As a wonderful gift for an anniversary, you will revive your love and show your partner how much you desire her and that you enjoy her in erotic lingerie. An exquisite thong from Lucky Cheeks will crown your wedding outfit – you'll see the sparkle in his eyes when he catches sight of you in it.

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Can you wear a sexy thong in everyday life?

Is a thong the right underwear for everyday wear or is it rather not suitable? That depends largely on the quality of your thong. When you buy a thong from us, you are not only choosing a beautiful design, but also an exact fit. You will receive your new luxury thong in sizes from XXS to XL. We also use stretchy fabrics for our thongs, which are made by specialists in Italy.
Thong bands are made of thin, elastic natural rubber and fit tightly without cutting into your skin. This means that you can happily wear your new favourite thong in everyday life. After all, you are doing this for yourself! Wear the underwear you like and feel comfortable with. Our customers report that a thong can boost self-confidence. Live out your femininity. If only you know and see what you are wearing underneath and feel comfortable, then our thongs have already inspired the most important person – you!

What types of thongs do we offer and what are the differences?

Pick out your thong online and decide on the model that appeals to you most. There are small but subtle differences to consider that are not immediately obvious to the untrained eye. Thongs have many shapes and, above all, details. The terms mini-thong and micro-thong already make it clear that less or very little fabric is used.
When you choose a luxury thong, you buy a model with special embellishments, usually with gemstones or elaborate embroidery. Our luxury items come in an elegant gift box. The sexy thongs are simpler and focus on the design, whereby gemstones and embroidery are not present. You will receive these thongs in a folding box or, on request, in an attractive gift box. Further, we distinguish between the following three types in particular:


sexy crown G-string from behind

G-string – a classic

The G-string is perhaps the most popular thong model and is characterised by the small triangle of fabric on the back. The fabric is transparent and only fills a tiny area formed by the elastic bands.

red Lucky Cheeks T-string from behind

T-string - less is more

The T-string consists only of the bands, without an area of fabric in between. This style also sits at the back of the behind, where the three strings come together in the name-giving T-shape.

white Lucky Cheeks V-string from behind

V-string - daring and sexy

A little bolder still is the V-string, sometimes called a Y-string. The point where the three strings meet with no fabric surface is a little lower than in the T-string. Visually, a curved V-shape is created at the back – provocative and aesthetic.

All versions emphasise your butt and show off your natural, feminine curves. The partly transparent models give deep insights on the one hand but play with the viewer's imagination on the other thanks to gemstones and precious embroidery. When it comes to motifs, discover a number of beautiful ornaments and patterns as well as floral designs and many other designs in the thong shop. Do you prefer it more plain in white or black or would you like to buy a thong that shines in bright red or sublime gold?

Depending on the model, the thongs are monochrome or multicoloured and the majority are closed. crotchless thongs are a sophisticated version of sexy thongs.

Try such a model and surprise your partner!

G-String-Types-Graphic to the Mini-thongs to the Micro-thongs to the luxury and jewelry thongs to the G-Strings to the V-Strings to the T-Strings to the Crothcless thongs
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What is good to wear a thong under?

Thongs are minimalist underwear, score points for their amazing wearing comfort and – you certainly wouldn't expect this from classy underwear – invisibility in everyday life. The latter is especially true in situations in which you don't want your underwear to be seen. Panties are not always the right choice, especially with sportswear and leggings, as larger areas of fabric show clearly. A micro thong, on the other hand, is easy to conceal.

For a sports outfit, functional underwear is the right choice, but our elastic, high-quality models easily withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life at work and during leisure time. For light-coloured or white clothing, which is often see-through in summer, we recommend choosing thongs in matching colours. We stock many styles in white or pink as well as pastel shades. A little caution is advised with very short skirts. Here you alone decide how comfortable you feel in a thong.

sexy red thong underneath a jeans

Mini and micro thongs from Lucky Cheeks are pleasant choices to wear underneath all other skirts, fabric or jeans trousers, overalls and trouser suits. There are no limits for you here. We'll be happy to help you decide which one to choose. Take a look around the selection in our thong shop and find your dream underwear. Give your loved one an elegant model in her favourite colour and let's be honest – you'll also be giving yourself a present. The model of your choice in the size and colour of your choice will reach you in 2 to 3 working days within Germany and usually within a week abroad in a beautiful package. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy our products.

Are mini thongs comfortable?

A sexy thong makes a statement and accentuates a woman's figure and self-confidence. Apart from personal preferences and a certain period of getting used to, fitted panties up to mini thongs are comfortable to wear. The right confection and high-quality materials are important for this. Thongs are even an advantage with some items of clothing such as tight jeans and skimpy pants. They can be hidden visually well and follow the waistband of the pants and the seams. This creates a comfortable feeling when worn. They are also usually the right choice for tighter-fitting dresses. Take your time when buying and find out which mini thongs are suitable for you.

What is the difference between thongs and strings?

The thong or triangle panty consists of two triangles. One is in the front and one is slightly larger in the back, partially covering the bottom. These two triangles are each joined at the sides with one or two skimpy areas of fabric. Depending on the type, these areas can be narrow as bands or wide and have a lace edge. The front of a thong is very similar to the thong. In this model, a triangle can be discovered. At the back, the triangle is replaced by a narrow strip of fabric that runs between the buttocks. Near the breech, it meets with the rest of the waistband straps. Thongs and thongs exist in every color imaginable and can have many design elements added to them.

What is the difference between panties and thongs?

A short answer is that the amount of fabric used differentiates them. Panties cover the pubic area on the front and the entire bottom on the back. The two larger areas of fabric on the front and back are joined at the sides by a narrower area of fabric. Thongs, or strings, are more minimalist in design and feature a fabric area in the front. At the back, they cover the butt crease with a narrow strip and, depending on the type, converge at the side or above the hip bone. At the back, there may be a small triangle of fabric at breech level. The sexy thongs therefore differ significantly from everyday panties.

Why do women wear thongs?

Every woman has her own style and there are various motivations that are aesthetic or practical. The most important reason should be that a woman feels comfortable with it and identifies with it. Thongs are sexy, provocative and erotic. They express self-confidence and can be worn under any clothes. Their aesthetic and attractive effect is certainly a reason for the great popularity of this lingerie. Many men find the touch of nothing exciting and enjoy the sight of a thong. He gives so much freely and yet leaves enough room for imagination. Strings are furthermore a nice gift idea and are gladly given by men to their lady of the heart on various occasions. Strings are also predestined by their minimalist appearance to wear them under certain clothes. They can be hidden very well under tight-fitting clothes. These include hot pants, dresses and skirts, as well as other body-hugging fashion.

Why are there thongs?

Elsewhere in this column, we shed light on the origin of thongs. They have their own prehistory as loincloths in many cultures. Modern thongs became popular in the early 20th century for erotic dancers. A few decades later, they appeared on the market as swimwear. Today, thongs can be attested that utility and aesthetics have prevailed. Meanwhile, they find a permanent place in the underwear drawer of many ladies. They experience regular revivals and never really go out of fashion, which is why their number and design forms are considerable. Thongs are now worn as a matter of course as everyday underwear. They are considered to be particularly sensual underwear in the appropriate design next to lace panties. They are an erotic to naughty alternative to conventional panties and are appreciated not only by younger women.

Who invented the thong?

The thong as we know it today was launched in 1974 in Los Angeles by Rudi Gernreich as swimwear. The Austrian designed other pieces such as the monokini and unisex underwear. Already since the 1939 World's Fair in New York, former nude dancers appeared with similar garments designed to cover only the genitals. This minimalist purpose was the basic idea for historical precursors of the thong, which, interestingly enough, was mainly found on men. The word thong is linguistically derived from loincloth. Garments of this type are not only known through Tarzan, but date back many tens of thousands of years. Men protected their private parts and could still move freely. We know further developments from many cultures and sports, for example from the Japanese sumo wrestlers or the ancient Greek Olympians.

Which thong suits me?

Thong, mini-thong, micro-thong or rather a thong? Thongs are an aesthetic garment that emphasizes a woman's curves. Micro and mini models are a nice surprise for your partner, especially on special occasions. Thongs require a certain self-confidence. Do not be persuaded that only women with small measurements can wear thongs. The garment is popular, among other reasons, because women of all ages and body types can express their femininity with sexy lingerie. In addition, choose a model that emphasizes your type. Thus, you can find thongs in bright colors and with many decorative elements to match personal preferences and skin color. Other women prefer more minimalistic items in pastel shades or with discreet design elements - they will also find what they are looking for.

What types of panties are there?

Women's underwear is versatile and different terms describe the most common types of panties. The classic panty covers the area on the front and back extensively. So-called culottes (shorts) tend to be described as high-cut underpants that reach above the belly button. Shortys are standardized and panties and panties have a slightly skimpier design. Panties feature a wider side cuff. However, there are also wide boxer shorts. Unlike panties, which are more commonly worn by women, shorts and boxers are mostly found on men these days. Some terms are more modern and merge into other categories of briefs. A more specific subtype is hipsters worn lower on the hips, which are designed to be very close to the body. Brazilian panties are cut like regular briefs in the front, but cover only the upper part of the buttocks in the back. Briefs and Brazilian briefs tend to be a little tighter fitting. In thongs, the front panty area is still classically designed. Meanwhile, the buttocks are released more extensively and can be staged sexy. Strings are even more minimalist and provocative. With them, the waistband is no longer wide, but, as the name suggests, implemented as a string or narrow. There are several types of thongs, which also exist as mini- or micro-strings.

How to wear a thong?

The proper fit of the thong and its care are very important. The thong has the great advantage that it is great to hide under many clothes such as shorts, skirt, jeans or dress. In any case, make sure that the thong does not peek out of the top of the pants. This could happen a little faster with hipsters. So that thongs do not stand out and do not stand out under light clothing, resort to white or skin-colored models. A thong or string emphasizes a woman's natural curves. If you feel comfortable with it and are used to wearing it, it is very suitable for everyday use. Your partner will be especially pleased if it is combined with other erotic lingerie in the evening. Thongs should fit tightly and only then fulfill their emphasizing function or disappear under clothing. The skin contact requires appropriate care. Since the intimate area is sensitive, thongs should be washed at 60 °C. Sensitive thongs are often intended for a maximum of 30 °C wash, pay attention here to the manufacturer's instructions. They do not belong in the dryer under any circumstances!

Which panties to which butt?

Apple butt, pear butt or square? There are several butt shapes, for each of which different panties are suitable. The round butt, often called apple butt, has a little more volume, which can be excellently staged. This goes over gorgeous thongs ideal. In addition, classic panties and briefs are suitable, as well as modeling panties (shapewear fashion). With these, you bring the respectable fullness into a good shape and radiate with your existing curves. If you have a rather flatter bottom, you belong to the category "square". What is meant here is the visual impression as a straight shape from the hip bone to the base of the thigh. Many athletic, rather slim women possess it. They do not have voluptuous curves, but can emphasize or push the trained body with different types of panties. Thong panties and thongs are ideal for sexily emphasizing a slightly flatter bottom. A completely different way, which is also very effective, are panties with high leg cut. Extremely popular among sporty women with less buttocks are comfortable to wear boxer shorts or cute panties. A butt in the shape of a heart is voluminous, but less pronounced in the lower part. The hips above it also tend to be narrower, resulting in an overall heart shape. Hipster panties (hipsters) are ideal for this butt shape. Any thongs or panties that sit rather low on the hips will give this bottom a good look. They cover the buttocks and give it a more advantageous shape. If you want the butt to look a little narrower, panties are an elegant choice. You should definitely avoid panties with a higher leg cut. They emphasize exactly the part that should not be visually emphasized. The pear bottom or the inverted heart shape is characterized by the fact that the bottom is widest at the bottom, below the hips. For this type, in addition to thongs and office panties, all briefs with high-cut legs are well suited. In addition, there are slant-cut panties and high-waist panties. Tight panties, on the other hand, are a no-go for the inverted heart shape.