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Micro thongs for exciting mind games

Sexy thongs are so much more than just a fancy piece of lingerie. They're the perfect way to play-up your feminine features and adorn your beautiful curves. While wearing a micro thong, there is hardly anything hidden from your observer. The tiny treasure, still artfully veiled, stimulates your partners' imagination and incites exhilarating thoughts. Only a few pieces of lingerie are suitable to capture the innate feminine power of a self-confident woman. We're sure our micro-throngs are one of them.

Micro thongs for ladies - the most attractive way to wear underwear

Wearing a micro or mini thong for the first time is an especially daring challenge for many women. How will it feel to show more than I cover up? How will my partner react to seeing me in one of these thongs? And do "panties" such as these really work for me? All these doubts will be quickly assuaged once you find the right thong for you. And why not try a micro thong? Dare to explore what intimate adventures await you in our most revealing thongs yet.

Lucky Cheeks: A high-quality micro thong shop

So that you feel completely comfortable in your new thong, we guarantee the highest quality products. All thongs in our online shop offer:
  • high-quality fabrics and materials,
  • extraordinary comfort,
  • elegant design
  • and perfect workmanship in Germany.
On your search for the micro thong that fits you perfectly, you will see many different models. Each model has its own appeal. In addition to elaborately crafted jewellery strings, you will also find more minimalistic micro thongs. Whether you're a glitz and glam or less is more type of woman, we've got you covered.

What distinguishes the micro thong from a conventional thong?

There are many names for the small piece of lingerie fabric that passes between the thighs. "String" or "thong" are commonly used names for this part of the underwear, in addition to the name "tanga." Regardless of the name you use, thongs are well known for their seductive power and intrigue. There are many types of thongs, with important differences that may be lost on an untrained eye. For example, a G-string is cut differently that a T-string. Thongs also vary in the amount of fabric used, and the amount of coverage they offer. Micro thongs provide the most limited amount of coverage: they're minimally constructed to offer maximum seduction.

A Mini Micro Thong - even less is not possible

Thongs function like a piece of jewellery that's worn underneath the clothes. With a micro thong, only the smallest triangle of fabric covers up the bare essentials. Thin strings that run along the hips and between the legs hold the micro thong in place. Micro thongs' coverage is limited to a tiny area on the pubic mound. This is also the case for our extreme micro thongs. Our micro and extreme micro thongs are the only strings tighter and more revealing than our mini thongs.

What is an extreme micro thong?

An extreme micro thong, like the micro thong, is a wisp of nothing. It is practically non-existent and only covers up what is absolutely necessary. If it is also a transparent string, nothing remains hidden from the observer. This makes the fit of the extreme micro thong paramount. The extraordinary quality of our strings not only ensures the highest level of comfort, but also a particularly pleasant feeling on the skin.

Sexy micro thongs in different colours

Even though micro strings need very little fabric to achieve a jaw-dropping effect, they are of course available in our online shop in a wide range of colours. We offer black thongs made of the best materials as well as white thongs or red thongs. You have the choice and with our wide variety of hues, you will without a doubt be able to find the colour that suits your skin best.