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Open thongs

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Thongs with an open crotch are a seductive surprise for pleasurable hours for two. Enjoy the erotic kick when your most intimate body parts can be touched without even taking off your pretty string.

What is an open thong?

An open thong is a tight panty with an open crotch. From the front and back it is almost indistinguishable from a normal mini thong. In the front there is minimal fabric, and the bottom, of course, is bare. Charming cutouts in the crotch area leave the most intimate parts of your body exposed. Sexy thongs with openings are very erotic because they offer sensual insights only at second glance. Our crotchless panties are available in different cuts, from T-strings to G-strings. Delicate lace and beautiful embroidery frame the pubic area imaginatively. Pearls or chains embellish some of our models as well. Fancy an erotic game of hide-and-seek?

There are many reasons to wear an open thong

Of course you'll have your partner wrapped around your finger while lovemaking in an open mini thong. But the showy micro thongs are also practical outside the bedroom: they do not make lines under tight white jeans or figure-hugging bodycon dresses. So if you want avoid unsightly underwear lines, try an invisible thong instead.

Which open thong is the right one for you?

We offer many variations of crotchless panties. The common feature of each thong is the open crotch and the recess at the bottom. Delicate tulle inserts, narrow ribbons, bows, chains or pearls beautifully embellish our attractive lingerie and frame your erotic area in an aesthetic way. Choose a model that captures your personality or simply let yourself be surprised with a gift from your loved one. Whether you choose a playful, romantic or burlesque style, a sensual open thong will surely have a jaw-dropping effect.

Find open briefs in the right size

Not only Brazilian beauties from the Copacabana wear open thongs. Ladies of all sizes have discovered the joy of crotchless panties for themselves, and feel feminine and desirable in this daring type of lingerie. Mini-thongs are the most enjoyable when they fit perfectly; they should neither pinch your bottom nor cut into your crotch. Integrated elastic bands made of natural rubber ensure that our thongs are comfortable to wear. Provided that you choose the right size, they will not chafe or leave unpleasant marks on your skin.

Inspirations for erotic games: Open G-strings

Sometimes there are rough patches over the course of a partnership. Before everyday problems put your love life to sleep, make time to reconnect with your partner. Why not plan a sensual evening? Surprise your partner with provocative crotchless underwear and invite him to participate in erotic experiments. The times when overtures were considered dirty have come to an end. Bondage inspirations, transparent tulle, smooth satin and clever cuts allow you to touch the intimate area without even taking off your sexy lingerie. When naked skin is so attractively adorned, it brings a newfound erotic charge into the bedroom. Which fantasy would you like to live out in an open G-String?

Delicate thongs need special care

Most thongs are made of delicate materials such as tulle or lace. If possible, you should wash these precious pieces by hand in lukewarm water and mild detergent, and then rinse thoroughly. If you decide to machine-wash your thongs, be sure to use a laundry net to protect the delicate lace and attached accessories. Choose the gentle wash cycle and use mild detergent. You should not use fabric softener, as it damages the elastane fibres. Never tumble dry. Instead, let the delicate lingerie air-dry. Washing your thongs with care will ensure you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time.

Buy sexy crotchless G-strings discreetly online

If you want to surprise your partner with daringly sexy lingerie, then crotchless panties are the right choice. They are also perfect gifts for the beloved on Valentine's Day or for an anniversary. Why not give your sweetheart a little hint? Transparent thongs with hidden openings can be wonderfully combined with other erotic lingerie and invite you to take your lovemaking to a whole new level. There are no limits to your fantasies. You can browse the variety of colours and high quality embellishments online here, and have your own delicate crotchless G-string sent discreetly to your home. Have you found your favourite piece yet?