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What is the difference between T-strings and G-strings?

Both T-strings and G-strings are characterized by their extremely minimal design. Similar to G-strings, T-strings are held in place by thin cords that gently hug your hips. We pay careful attention to the construction and fabric of these cords to ensure that they do not cut into or irritate your skin. Unlike a G-string, a T-string does not have a small triangle of fabric on the back. Instead, the cords intersect in a "T" shape to divide your bottom seamlessly into two halves.

Is a T-string as comfortable as other strings?

Yep, our T-strings are just as comfortable as our other thongs. The comfort of a T-string, whether it is a mini thong or a micro thong, is no different from that of other thongs. All our panties are designed to ensure maximum wearability. We guarantee our thongs' comfort with:
  • perfect construction,
  • skin-friendly materials,
  • soft embroidery
  • and cords made of wafer-thin natural rubber which we cover in soft elastic fabric-this ensures the thongs do not cut into the skin or leave unsightly lines under your clothing.
Thanks to their perfect fit, our T-strings skim seamlessly over your body. They're attention-grabbing on their own, yet invisible under clothing.

How can I wear Lucky Cheeks T-strings?

Like all Lucky Cheeks thongs, you can wear our T-strings in different ways. You decide whether you want to wear the side straps low or high on your hips. No one knows how to emphasize your curves better than you do, so we leave it up to you to figure out which option works best. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable and every bit yourself in your stunning new T-string.

Making women happy with their very own T-string

Our delicate T-strings make for extraordinary presents. They not only please the woman who receives one, but also her partner, who gets the unique pleasure of seeing her in it. The exclusive lingerie from our top-quality collection features:
  • luxurious embroidery from Switzerland and Italy,
  • delicate details,
  • a perfect fit,
  • all handmade in Germany.
Our high quality luxury thongs also feature exquisite decorative elements.
So, there are plenty of good reasons for men to take a closer look at our site. In our thong shop, you are certain to find exactly the panties that perfectly suit both your wife's wishes and your own fantasies.

A T-string for ladies who know what they want

For many women, it may take some extra courage to surprise their partners in a sexy thong. It's worth finding this confidence, though. Wearing sexy lingerie offers the perfect opportunity to own your sensuality. Just try it out. You will be shocked, not only by how beautiful you feel in one of our pieces, but also by your partner's powerful reaction when he lays eyes on you for the first time.