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A Y-string is a great fit for tight clothing and is easy to hide

V-strings are characterised by the fact that instead of a triangle of fabric on the back over the bottom, the three bands interlock in a triangular shape. This not only looks seductive but also emphasises the natural shape of the bottom thanks to the curved bands on the left and right, which can even visually stretch a slightly smaller bottom. Let yourself be enchanted by our micro-V-strings and choose a suitable model for your partner.

Our high-quality underwear delights everyone. If you buy a V-string as a gift, you will bring a smile to the face of your sweetheart. You will be rewarded with the sight of it later and enhance your partner's choice of underwear. However, V-strings are not only a creative gift but also extremely practical as aesthetic, seductive lingerie.

Would you like to wear skinny jeans, tight-fitting trousers or a narrow skirt? Then choosing a matching pair of panties is often a challenge. Y-strings, especially our micro models, are the perfect choice. An ideal fit of lingerie is important, which we provide with a comprehensive range of sizes, ranging from XXS to XL.

Furthermore, our items all have at least 15% spandex and fit comfortably around your hips. White, pink, and gold panties and thongs are recommended with white trousers and other light-coloured outerwear, while you should avoid black thongs in these cases.

V- or even Y-strings are ideal for more daring outfits and an erotic or summery style. You decide how you want to present yourself and take advantage of the possibilities of this variety of G-string, which we also offer in several versions. Wear high-quality underwear made of fine materials with confidence and show off your femininity!

Our selection of V-strings at Lucky Cheeks

As with all our products, we place the highest importance on materials and exclusive workmanship – designed and manufactured in Germany. The luxury mini- or micro-V-strings from Lucky Cheeks are available in many colours depending on the collection in our range.

Possible colour choices include:

  • White or Black
  • Red, Pink Violet, or Pink
  • Blue or Light Blue
  • Gold
  • Other colours and different colour combinations are possible

Take your time to browse through our popular designs. The minimalist fabric on the front is either in colour or transparent and, depending on the model, can have different ribbon colours, embroidery, appliqués, or gemstones. These are, for example, Zamac or Swarovski rhinestones. You can also find styles without any jewellery details.

The elastic and soft fabric is made of a mix of materials, depending on the collection. Typical of our sought-after thongs is the curved V-shape over the buttocks that gives them their name.

We send the gorgeous jewellery thongs in a stylish gift box with a practical magnetic clasp. Our other thongs will be wrapped up beautifully, and, for a small additional charge, can be sent in the gift box upon request.

All Y-strings cling perfectly to your body without restricting your movement. We obtain the materials from various European countries and create our products in Germany.

The features at a glance:

  • Seductive and luxurious design
  • Idea and production in Germany
  • Fine materials from Europe
  • Coloured tulle and jewellery made of Zamac and Swarovski elements
  • Stylishly packaged in an elegant gift box

Check our current offer regularly!

Shop smart and get your V-strings delivered quickly

Have you already decided on one of the micro-V-string models? How about gifting them with another piece of lingerie? Black thongs are among our bestsellers – in this section you will find other items that are particularly popular. We are sure that you will find there what you are looking for.

Once you have made your selection and sent off your order, it will only take a few working days before you hold the gift boxes with luxurious contents in your hands. There are many occasions in a relationship to present such a gift. Weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries are perfect opportunities to express your love for your partner. We hope you enjoy discovering the perfect Y-string for YOU.