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The luxury thongs of the extra class from Lucky Cheeks

In the Lucky Cheeks online thong shop you will find exclusive sexy thong models, which are guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards. Whether you have fallen in love with one of our exclusive G-strings, or would prefer to see yourself in one of our fancy jewellery thongs, you can always rely on Lucky Cheeks' excellent quality. All our thongs offer:
  • exclusive and skin-friendly fabrics,
  • precious materials,
  • high-quality embroidery
  • and perfect handwork from Germany.

Give pleasure with a jewellery string

Let yourself be surprised by the sudden effect wearing a luxury thong has on you. Wearing a piece from our stunning lingerie collection will instantly unlock a sense of beauty and desirability. The glow on your partner's face when they see you in a sexy G-string or a jewellery thong is certain to add to your already blossoming self-confidence.

What is a jewellery string or a luxury thong?

Mini thongs or micro thongs dazzle in our jewellery string design. Complete with sophisticated detailing, these pieces are sure to add a touch of luxury to your evening. Detailed embroidery, which is artfully placed on the most intimate of places, acts as an irresistible eye-catcher. And decorative elements made of precious materials on the thongs' side strings ensure that your beautiful curves receive equal attention. A gold-coloured chain or silver jewelled embellishments are sure to look fabulous on your hips.
Our jewellery thongs are characterized by
  • their particularly elaborate design,
  • decorative elements and refined details,
  • detailed embroidery,
  • a gift box with magnetic closure
Not to mention, of course, their incomparable effect on the wearer and the lucky ones who get to admire them in such a piece of art.

A luxury thong - the perfect gift for special occasions

Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for your wife? Why not offer her the great gift of pleasure? A luxury thong from our extensive collection is just the gift you've been searching for. Celebrate your partner's one of a kind beauty with a unique G-string or T-string from Lucky Cheeks. And because it's a gift that's best shared, we're sure you'll get to take part in her enjoyment as well.
Worried about finding suitable wrapping for such a delicate gift? Don't be! All our luxury thongs come in an elegant gift box with an easy-to-open magnetic closure. We know that the experience of receiving a gift is just as important as the gift itself: with our special gift boxes, the presentation only enhances your special present.

Jewellery thong: dazzle with Swarovski crystal detailing

While all of our thongs are produced with equal attention to detail, our elaborate jewelled thongs provide a special canvas for our wildest imaginations. We only use the highest quality materials at Lucky Cheeks, and our jewellery embellishments are no exception. This is why we adorn our unique jewellery thong collection with the well-known Swarovski crystals. Whether they're transparent thongs or not, with a touch of crystal magic your lingerie is instantly transformed into a glittering masterpiece.

Take a virtual stroll through our luxury thong shop!

Don't miss the feeling of divinely decorated, luxurious fabric on your skin. And to all our men: if you don't want to miss a magical experience, then surprise your beloved with an extraordinary luxury thong from our online shop. Browse around and imagine your partner shining in any one of our unique pieces. Treat her (and yourself!) to this very special pleasure.
Our luxury thongs are offered in different colours, including:
black thongs for the elegant and sophisticated,
golden thongs for the regal and glamorous,
pink thongs for the seductive and playful,
and red thongs for the daring and sensual.